Cesar Delgadillo
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I watched a lot of my neighbors give me dirty looks as I went crazy in my living room watching the Broncos win their third Super Bowl title in early 2016. My excitement level had not been that high since, well since Super Bowl 33, and before that 32. It was just amazing. But I live in Chargers country, so I get grief about my beloved Broncos all season long. But I bleed blue and orange and always will. Just once, I want to hold my head high at Invesco field with the greatest fans in the world as I sing the National Anthem of the greatest country the world has ever and will ever know. My United States Of America. I became a Broncos fans in the late 70s when I went against my brother who went for the Chargers in our first football game we ever watched. It is history from there and my son is following in my footsteps. I truly hope one day I will see my great grandchildren rooting for the blue and orange as I relive the glory days of Elway and Manning Super Bowl Victories, and where I was when it happened. Please help me reach my ultimate football fantasy. Like my video, every day if at all possible. And I promise to sing my heart out for the greatest fans in the world. GO BRONCOS!!!

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