Genius Award: Judge's Pick
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WINNER!! Judge's Pick by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe. Our submission to NatGeo's GENIUS competition.

Written/Directed by Normann Bjorvand Score/Sound Design by Henrik Lindström


STORY: A fringe dream seeks out hosts for its short-lived dance of the fantastic. Second Unit by Joakim Gustafsson Makeup by Josephine Polly Lindstedt

Stars John La Briola Marga Pettersson Love Türel Jarl Iga Red Eja Erica Lindqvist Henrik Lindstrom Fredrik Lönn Gloria Ormandlaky Maria Hjalmarson Jan E Johansson Henrik Norman Nicke Wagemyr Eva Lawrence

Special Thanks: Ulf Lindström Josefine Andersson Ronja Henmyr Old Touch

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