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Want to help cure cancer while mingling with celebs, rocking out to great entertainment, & bidding on amazing items & cool opportunities (like Star Wars memorabilia signed by JJ Abrams & cast members, studio tours, & meetings with famous casting directors)?

Well come & play with us at this year's A Cause for Entertainment on Sunday, Nov. 6th at 4pm @ Bardot in Hollywood! Tickets: www.ACauseforEntertainment.com

About Us & Our Cause

I founded A Cause for Entertainment last April as an annual event to support the Avon Foundation: Breast Cancer Crusade. The Avon Organization's fundamental mission has been to promote or aid charitable, scientific, education & humanitarian activities, with an emphasis on those activities that improv the lives of women & their families. And one of their current mission focuses is to lead the efforts to eradicate breast cancer.

With the support of the TV, Film, Sports & Music Industries - & my amazing team - ACFE was very successful in its inaugural event - & that success created momentum - this year's event will be even BIGGER!

Breast Cancer is one of the ugliest diseases in the world today, & with heartbreaking statistics like these, I find it hard not to want to give back:

A woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.

Approximately 230,480 women & 2,140 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

Every 13 minutes, a life is lost to breast cancer.

The money we raise is managed & disbursed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade to help provide access to care, fund educational programs, & accelerate research into new treatments & potential cures.

Your donation will help people who are fighting this disease right now, as well as helping us reach the ultimate goal of eradicating this horrible disease, setting up for a future without breast cancer.

Together, we can make this happen.

To Buy Tickets Click HERE. To Donate, Click HERE.

JOIN US on November 6th, 2016 to celebrate & honor the lives we have lost & those that live on fighting the battle with us.

*If you have an item or "opportunity" (meet & greet, set tour, backstage passes etc) that you would like to donate to our auction, please email me HERE *

Thank you all for your love & support!

Love, Jessica Sherman & the ACFE Team!


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