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Welcome to the Global Co Lab Network! We support efforts to engage teens and millennials and have two initiatives we are highlighting here: Teens Dream -- a global video contest for teens to express and act on their dreams around one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Over 170 teens from over 20 countries are part of our Teens Dream family of submissions which you can view on our map at Also highlighting our work with Brie Mathers and Love the Skin You're In on teen female empowerment!

We won the buzz challenge with the Starbucks Upstander's Challenge with INDI here: and are now hoping to hear soon if we won $25,000 which would be so great as it would allow us to keep building out our platform and actions to connect youth globally on grand challenges!

The Global Co Lab Network is a US based non governmental organization working to empower global and local youth centered solutions incubating projects out of living room salons. Visit us at and also at

Linda and the Team


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