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Grammy Winning, multi Oscar nominated composer Danny Elfman has composed the soundtrack to YOUR short film.


Listen to Elfman's music (PROJECT: RABBIT & ROGUE), pick your favorite composition for your score, & then create a short film inspired by it!

Over the next nine months, filmmakers can create their own short films and submit them here.

Finalists will be selected as Audience Favorites and Judge's Picks, favored by a team of elite industry judges. 

The leading contenders will then be judged by a panel of Top Industry producers, directors, composers, music supervisors, executives and renowned filmmakers.  

The winning selections (one for each of Elfman’s six musical compositions) will be awarded a World Premiere at a special screening at the prestigious 2017 LA Film Festival produced by Film Independent.

Your film can join the ranks of movies containing scores by Elfman - including Batman, Good Will Hunting, Edward Scissorhands, Milk, Spider-man, Silver lining Playbook, Nightmare Before Christmas!

CLICK HERE for submissions guidelines and terms and conditions.

(The submissions with the most INDI BUZZ will automatically be Finalists.)

The Final Submission Deadline is MARCH 1, 2017

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