High School students of America we challenge you to BE THE VOICE 4 THE PLANET! Get your camera or smartphone and get creative! Pick an eco-subject of your choice and create a 30 or 60 second public service announcement (PSA) or music video!

What matters to you most? Water Conservation, Plastic Pollution, Climate Change, Clean Oceans, Saving marine life and endangered species........? You choose your topic and Be The Voice!

Win Big!!!! prizes include $1000 cash prize, Xbox One, recognition from National Geographic, winning videos will also be viewed by Disneyland Cast Members and Guests during Earth Month 2018,, Vans and Hurley gear, Dave & Buster's powercards, certificates of accomplishment from universities.

Your judges will include National Geographic, Disneyland Resort, Paul Millsap (NBA All Star - Denver Nuggets), Grammy songwriters, producers and musicians that work with Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Sam Smith, JayZ, Kendrick Lamar, and many others - so show your songwriting, rapping, or singing talent with an eco topic!

Be sure to post on all your social media using #voice4planet

For more details visit www.leafrocks.org

How do you generate Buzz?

1. Upload a great video.

2. Once approved, share Share into Social ; and

3. Have your friends watch, like Like and share Share your video on Indi and social media!


  • JP

    Best Music Video

    Prize: $250 + prizes + props
    Grammy artist who work with Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Adele, Sam Smith, Beyonce and many others.... will be choosing their favorite mus ... [more]
  • JP

    Paul Millsap & BDS Sports

    Prize: $1000 +prizes+ more
    Paul Millsap (NBA All Star - Denver Nuggets), BDS Sports and their friends will pick their favorite 1st Place video for $1000 cash prize pl ... [more]
  • 1

    Paul Millsap & BDS Sports

    Prize: $250 + Xbox One + more
    Paul Millsap, BDS Sports & their friends will choose their second place choice for best video and win $250 cash prize plus Xbox One, $100 ... [more]
  • 2

    Social Media Buzz Winner

    Prize: Dave & Buster's Prize
    Most Social Media Buzz Winner will win Dave & Buster's $100 powercard
  • JP

    National Geographic

    Prize: Nat Geo Social Media
    National Geographic team will be selecting one of their favorite videos to showcase on Nat Geo's social media (80 million followers on Inst ... [more]
  • JP

    Disneyland Resort Winner

    Prize: Viewings at Disneyland
    Winning Videos will also be viewed by Disneyland Cast Members and Guests during Earth Month 2018
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