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Whether it’s your unpredictable teammate or your underperforming battlestation, every gamer has quit a match in frustration or ALT+F4’d to their desktop. HP wants to see your best rage quit moments for a chance to win an OMEN X Desktop!

Three ways to submit:

1. In a short video tell us about your best rage quit moments, or

2. If you captured the event or aftermath in a video or photo then upload those, or

3. If you are up for re-enacting your moment in photos or video, then upload that.

Both the judge's pick and the 1st place Buzz winner take home an OMEN X Desktop PC, while 2nd and 3rd place Buzz winners win an OMEN Desktop PC.

How do you generate Buzz?

First, once your photo or video has been approved and is posted on this challenge page, use the share function to share the photo or video to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and then also get all your friends and family to come to this challenge page and share your photo or video into their social media as well. For Instagram, be sure to have the photo or video on your phone (or download the photo or video clip when you click on the IG share button) and be sure to post the specific content tag shown to you when you click on the IG share button.

Second, follow OMEN by HP on social media here Facebook, here Twitter, here LinkedIn, on Instagram @HP and on Snapchat at HP_Snaps

Third, engage your personal network to view, share, like, follow, pin and re-tweet the photo or video each day on these social media sites. We track activity on this challenge page and activity on the social networks once the photo or video is directly shared, which all generates Buzz. Do this each and every day during this challenge to increase your Buzz score.

DON'T include any of the following in your photo/video: (a) any profanity or nudity, (b) any brand or logo other than HP, (c) any music, (d) any dangerous act with the potential of harming a person or animal, or (d) anything disparaging to HP or any other person or entity.


  • JP

    Judge's Pick

    Prize: OMEN X Desktop PC
    The Judge's Pick wins an OMEN X Desktop PC
  • 1

    First Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: OMEN X Desktop PC
    Generate the most Buzz and win an OMEN X Desktop PC
  • 2

    Second Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: OMEN Desktop PC
    Finish in second place and win an OMEN Desktop PC
  • 3

    Third Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: OMEN Desktop PC
    Finish in third place and win an OMEN Desktop PC


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