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Spot the BMW!

Driving around Orange County? Keep an eye out for any of our 6 Breaker BMW's! Each BMW has a Breakers magnet on both sides of the car which makes them easy to spot! If you spot one of these cars on the road snap a photo and post it to this page to be entered into a drawing to win 2 free tickets to our August 1st match!

If you spot more than one BMW, send in another photo! With each photo you submit, your name will be entered into the drawing! Good luck and safe driving!

Submit your photo(s) by July 23rd at midnight to ensure you're name is in the drawing!


  • JP

    First Pick

    Prize: 2 free tickets
    The first pick after the deadline will receive 2 free tickets to the Breakers August 1st match at Palisades tennis club!


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