Nuzzy and the Guy: Show Us Your Tweets


Get creative and Decently Funny with Nuzzy and the Guy's Show Us Your Tweets challenge! Read us your favorite or funniest tweet and act out a scene, or deliver hilarious jokes about the tweet. Use as many friends and props as you need to showcase the 140 character message. Nuzzy and Guy are podcast personalities who bring you a show that's more than just "Decently Funny." "Decently Funny" is a weekly show where celebrities from all walks of life get interviewed by the boys right from Nuzzy's Hollywood apartment.

Directors Notes:

  • Please make sure your video is an original created for The best way to do this is to mention Indi at the beginning. (This expedites the submission process significantly).
  • This challenge can contain adult content including strong language and vulgarity, please don't go overboard (think R rated not NC-17).
  • No nudity is allowed (just in case you look funny naked!).
  • Keep your video between 1-2 minutes.
  • Don't worry about the quality of video production; focus on the entertainment factor. If you're using your phone, make sure to shoot your video horizontally (ie. sideways).
  • Indi is about finding the next star so have fun and showcase your best comedic skills!

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