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1500 or Nothin is an independent musical machine that's taking over music across the world through the production, promotion and representation of artists, song writers, musicians, and music videographers. 1500 is collectively responsible for producing and writing on over 40 million records sold and are 12-time Grammy award nominees.

Musically, they are a fusion between rock, pop, funk & hip hop with the ability to take on any genre. As a band, they are the house band for the "Soultrain Awards", have toured every major festival around the world and performed on every late night show with major artists. 1500 or Nothin is composed of three internal divisions: 1500 or Nothin Music, 1500 or Nothin Video, and 1500 or Nothin Ancillary. Known as a modern day Motown, this full functioning label has everything needed all in one stop.


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