Animation Voiceover Challenge
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Record your Voice Over for Casting Director Lisa Ortiz. Click here for your sides. Lisa is a producer/director/casting director of animation and video games at Noise of O Productions. She’s worked on 100’s of titles in front of and behind the mic, and her credits include Super 4, the new Playmobil series, Pokémon, and the Dark Knight rises. Now she wants to help YOU! You can submit up to 2 takes OF EACH CHARACTER, 1 sticking pretty closely to the copy, the other you can have fun with. Adding improv is encouraged for the 2nd take. Lisa's Judge's Pick will Meet with Lisa, she will advise on their demo reel, and provide an HOUR LONG COACHING SESSION! How do you win Buzz? It's all about creating a great video. Click on FAQs/What is Buzz to learn more.


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    Judge's Pick

    Prize: Meeting
    The Judge's Pick wins a sit down meeting with Casting Director Lisa Ortiz.
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    1st Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: Meeting
    Generate the most Buzz and win a meeting with Casting Director, Lisa Ortiz.
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    2nd Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: $100
    Finish in second place and win $100.
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    3rd Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: $50
    Finish in third place and win $50.


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