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Currently there are thousands of children in Los Angeles County being served by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) who cannot safely live with their own families due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. These children need to be with a safe, stable, and loving family sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently.

Who are the Children That Need Permanent and Temporary Homes?

We service all children and many are African-American and Latino, a member of a sibling group, may have special medical, emotional, or educational needs. They are also wonderful children who could thrive in a loving home.

This is a Big Responsibility! What Type of Help is There for Me?

Personal Support: Your social worker will prepare, train, and support you through this process and provide you with any community resources that you might need. If you choose to adopt a child, post adoptive services are available to all adoptive families.

Financial and Medical Assistance

Adopted children will receive medical and dental coverage. Further, you will receive monthly financial support until the child is 18 and sometimes longer. If a child has special mental health and/or medical needs, increased foster care and adoption assistance payments are available. Extended Foster Care and Extended Adoption Assistance is available up to age 21, if a young adult who was in foster care or adopted meets very basic qualifications.

We’re in this Together : Our partners in Adoption Support and Advocacy

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