Catherine Taormina
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Here I am reading from my book of poetry Chalkboard With A Bad Eraser at the now defunct Barnes & Noble astor place, NYC. According to the staff I had the largest, non-celebrity turn out!

CHALKBOARD WITH A BAD ERASER is a collection of poems from and of my late adolescence. Written in a style I call "warped confessionalism", I "pour out" skewed truths.

It is best that people over 15 only read my book. This is not a children's book. The book has a 1995 copyright and was published in 1996.

Some of my poems are cited in the Dr. Sharon Klayman Farber book "When The Body Is The Target: Pain, Self Harm and Traumatic Attachments".

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of my book, I would be very grateful if you did! Email me at for info. It makes a great gift for a "warped" friend!

The book is $10 plus shipping. I accept paypal! (also money orders or cashier's checks.)

It is truly a unique experience! Truly a coffee table book! 94 pages reads in 1/2 an hour.