Abigail Wright
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Hi, I submitted my film "Stealing Zen" to your Danny Elfman "Frolic" challenge and wanted to e-introduce myself as well.

I'm a NY native and have been acting professionally for 11 years. I also sing at The Metropolitan Opera, and I was thrilled to see a challenge to use the incredible music of Danny Elfman to inspire a film.

I had a blast writing the story to suit "Frolic." It's a great musical selection with so many moments for great action and emotion to take place, and I was thrilled when award-winning director Liz Manashil and award-winning actor Christine Weatherup agreed to join the team.

All of the talent and crew, aside from myself of course, are from LA, and we filmed it entirely in LA. With an all-female cast and a primarily female crew, it's a ground-breaking short perfectly suited for a premiere at the LA Film Fest. I’m extremely proud of what we accomplished and hope you enjoy it as well. I appreciate your thoughtful consideration.

Best, Abigail Wright, Stealing Zen