Just allow yourself to listen - That is all
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Thank you so much for checking out my "reimagined" composition. The concept for this was the idea of wondering what the inside of a Genius' mind sounds like. From initial thought, to scatter brain, to cluster panic, to Epiphany, etc. I'm no Genius, but I did use my mind as an example. This was written literally as a concept diary as the thoughts came in. You can hear when I was clear headed and also when I was frustrated. Not many understand the amount of work and effort that goes into creating. Everything you hear and see was done by myself, using Cubase 8 Pro for all the midi sequencing of virtual instruments, recording of real instruments, and multitrack mixing; which there are many-many layers. The original theme song written by Lorne and Hans was referenced, and I performed and sequenced each and every note you hear. The photo of me playing various instruments was shot by me around 3:30AM one morning, and the video was shot and edited by me by 8:00pm the same day, using green screens and borrowing a friends camera who helped me set it all up. Needless to say, a lot of relief came over me as I was uploading to Indi haha.. I'm not a photographer or video editor, just a passionate guy that really wanted a shot at this competition. Before entering this competition, a good friend said to me "Just be brilliant" Soo no pressure! Hopefully I achieved something close to that. And also hope the mastermind creators of the original can enjoy my view of the composition. As Einstein said to his company while attending his favorite Bach Concerts, "Just allow yourself to listen - That is all" ENJOY!

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