Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa system
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I have recieved the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa set! I am here to write a review based on my unboxing and first time use on the product! To start off I will tell you about my skin and what I hope to achieve! I have acne prone skin, it is combo, I get oily in my t-zone. I have severe acne scarring and I have the occasional breakout every month. I hope to achieve clear skin, less acne scarring and smooth skin! As soon as I opened the box I immediatley fell in love with the packaging and the fact that it comes with 3 brush heads! Batteries are not included. The brush itself is amazing quality compared to other spin brushes on the market. The brush has 2 settings, one for everyday use and one for deeper exfoliation. The brush heads are a plus, you can change them out depending on your desired results. When using the brush I simply wet my face and applied my everyday face wash onto the brush itself, and I began spinning! The brushes are so so soft. You can feel the brushes really working to get out everything from your pores. I am in love with this set and I can't wait to start seeing results. My skin feels smoother just after one use.

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