Review of Sarah Seidelmann's book SWIMMING WITH ELEPHANTS - I min. clip
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1 MIN PREVIEW If you're a woman considering changing professions, exploring an encore career or finding a way to follow your passions-- I recommend this memoir. It gives a first-hand account of what it is like to be a mom, willing to trade in a traditional, well-respected career for one that feeds your soul. In this honest and often funny memoir, author Sarah Seidelmann takes us on her exotic journey from being an overworked physician/ wife/ mom of four from Duluth, Minnesota to become a well-traveled healer/shaman, traveling the earth (and beyond) to seek answers. She ends up not just shaking a Shaman rattle, but her family's tradition of pursuing Western Medicine as well. Becoming a Shaman/Healer/ Life Coach and author may not have been the most likely of choices...but they were the right choices for Sarah. She is a woman willing to bravely "follow her feel good" and through her example, rawness, honesty, humor (and I must add, likability)-- we get to voyeuristically test a bit of the mystical healing waters for ourselves. Personally, I loved the adventure. She has published 3 books and is writing her fourth.

Her company is aptly named FOLLOW YOUR FEEL GOOD!!!

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