Marguerite Casey Foundation National Convening
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2018 National Convening Video Spotlight - What’s your Power? Show it. Share it.

Marguerite Casey Foundation is hosting a video spotlight in anticipation of its National Convening this coming May. This spotlight is intended to create momentum and buzz leading up to our time together – the 2018 convening theme is power, “Our Power. Our Community. Our Change.” Marguerite Casey Foundation invites its grantees and Equal Voice Networks to participate in this spotlight by submitting videos that reflect the convening theme.

This spotlight is a way to elevate visual stories from Marguerite Casey Foundation grantees and Equal Voice networks that share messages about families, organizations and youth engaging, embracing, leveraging, challenging and exercising power in their communities. These videos will help unite, inspire, and motivate all of us in our movement building work within our communities - so, what better way than to show it!

How to Participate

If you are a grantee of Marguerite Casey Foundation or an Equal Voice Network:

~ Create a short video or submit an already produced one that explains what power looks like or is manifested in your community. The video can capture power in any form: power of a voice; power of a network; power of a community; or anything reflecting the concept of power of people.

~ Videos should run 2 to 3 minutes and do not need to be highly produced. Longer videos will not be accepted. Participants can film with a phone camera. Be creative!

~ Submit entry for consideration by uploading videos to our dedicated Indi Channel and share through social media using #OwnthePower2018.

~ Grantees are limited to one video entry per grantee organization. Each Equal Voice Network will be considered as one unit, recognizing it represents multiple grantee organizations, and one video entry will be accepted per network. If a grantee wishes to participate in an Equal Voice Network video submission, it does not preclude them from submitting a video on behalf of their grantee organization.

~ Select videos will receive recognition up to $2,500 per grantee or per Equal Voice Network. Videos will be displayed and promoted before, during and after the Foundation’s 2018 National Convening.

The "Small Print"

~ Participation is limited to grantee organizations of Marguerite Casey Foundation that have current 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Grantees can either create a new video or submit a video that they have already produced that relates to the theme of power and adheres to Marguerite Casey Foundation video spotlight guidelines.

~ The Foundation reserves the right to publish, promote and/or decline video content based on rules and regulations stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in regard to 501(c)(3) messaging and activities. We ask that good judgment be exhibited and appropriate footage supplied that supports the spirit of Marguerite Casey Foundation’s mission and values.



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