Wearable Smoking Cessation Device with Behavior Therapy
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Tobacco companies drive growth with multibillion-dollar advertising campaigns, selling nearly 300 billion cigarettes per year in America alone. Fortunately, advances in public awareness in the U.S have led to a widespread ban on smoking in public places. However, the U.S isn’t doing enough to curb smoking for all Americans. HuffBlock, from ProMotion, is a wearable smoking cessation device that uses an automatic motion tracking algorithm to track users smoking habits and provide controlled positive feedback. The goal of HuffBlock is to provide a hard to reach audience to a community of people with a common goal. That goal is to completely be rid of their smoking habits. It is also providing a novel source of technology to new smokers who are afraid of being dependent on nicotine and to veteran smokers who have tried other methods to quit smoking. In the device’s lifetime, the user will be free from the smoking habits as well as be an integral part of a motivating community. #UCI #UROP #ProMotion #HuffBlock