Carbon Nanotube Study in Collins Lab -- Du, Jiafeng
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Hello, I am Jiafeng Du, a first-year physics student at UCI. Since my freshman year of high school, I have always been amazed by news about how scientists contribute to the world. Later, the movie “Interstellar” totally blew my mind, and I was astonished by how much scientist can affect humanities with their intelligence. This is how I got into my research. I am doing carbon nanotube study in Prof.Phillip G. Collins lab at UC Irvine. We are dedicated to uncovering all the secrets in carbon nanotube synthesis. We want to have the ability to control the growth of carbon nanotube as we want. One day, if we can do it, we can easily integrate carbon nanotube into novel electronic devices. It can revolutionize our computing technology into next level, providing the possibility for us to live in a more sustainable, advanced society. At this point, we are able to plant microscale catalyst island precisely at places where we want. We are able to create low resistance, low noise nanoelectric devices using carbon nanotubes as connection. We know how the existence can affect the synthesis of carbon nanotubes. We know how the annealing can help achieving lower resistance. At our lab, we use such nanoelectric devices as biosensing device. In the future, I will be studying how the gas flow will affect the synthesis of carbon nanotubes. The finding can help our lab control the synthesis even better.