Face: Red Rocks 2019 Band Contest
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All Colorado bands are invited to compete for this exciting opportunity to open for Face Vocal Band at Red Rocks Amphitheatre during Face's headline performance on 7/10/19.

Bands should submit ONE video that best exemplifies their act. After submitting the video, you are highly encouraged to reach out to your fans via social media, email, and at live shows to have them ENGAGE with your video. Send everyone to https://indi.com/FaceVocalBand/RedRocks19BandContest, and ask them to LIKE and SHARE to help you generate Buzz Points!

PRIZE #1 - Face will select one band from the top 10 in Buzz Points to open the concert at the Red Rocks on July 10, 2019, AND be paid $750 for their performance.

PRIZE #2 - Face will select one band from all submitted entries based on musicianship, presentation, songwriting, overall likability, and other factors. This band will also open the concert at the Red Rocks on July 10, 2019, AND be paid $750 for their performance.


As Face is a family-friendly act, your submission into this contest as well as your Red Rocks performance should reflect that. By all means, rock your hearts out, but please keep it tasteful (no bad language or, you know, nudity).

Selected bands will be required to arrive at the Red Rocks early on the afternoon of 7/10/19 for a sound check and stay through the duration of their performance.

Selected bands will be given free seats for all band members for the whole concert.

If participants of the selected bands are under 18 years old, members must be accompanied by an adult.

Voting will end at 11:59pm on May 19, 2019 and the opening acts will be announced on May 23, 2019.

If you're interested, the link to purchase tickets is https://www.redrocksonline.com/events/detail/return-to-the-rocks.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!!

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