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Just a girl with big dreams ♥♥ find me on iTunes :)

Aaliyah Rose is a 14 year old singer from Provo Utah. As a very young girl she has always loved to sing. At the age of ten her parents put up her first YouTube cover. She began posting a few more videos and started getting views. Disney saw a cover of ‘Let It Go’ and surprised her that they had chosen to have her sing the finale at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards. She was able to sing ‘Let It Go’ at the Nokia Theatre for over 10,000 people and have it televised over and over on the Disney Channel. This was a dream come true! In March or 2015 Aaliyah released a cover of "Lips are Movin" by Meghan Trainor and is currently over 4.5 Million Views. She is writing more original music and doing collaborations with Dreamworks. Aaliyah is passionate about several causes including the ‘Our Project’ and ‘anti-bullying’ campaigns.


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