Give. Feed. Repeat

The Akshaya Patra Foundation feeds an incredible 1.6 million children in India every day. For many children, this nutritious meal is an incentive to come to school, stay in school, and provides them the necessary nutrients needed to develop cognitive abilities, focus on learning and follow their dreams. Please watch the Akshaya Patra video above regarding the Give. Feed. Repeat. campaign. In this challenge you will be provided your own special link to this video that you can share throughout social media and generate Indi Buzz.

To participate, click the "Join Challenge" button, and you will see your channel icon image show up below in the challenge. Click on that image and you will see your special video link of the Akshaya Patra video.

How do you generate Buzz?

1. Once approved, share Share your video link into Social ; and

2. Have your friends like Like and click on the video link to watch the video, comment on your post, and share your post and video link on Indi and in social media!

Please support Akshaya Patra today by donating here



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