Terrell Davis Salute
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Help us spread our salute to Broncos legend and new Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Terrell Davis! Let's fill social media with respect for TD, by sharing this special video salute.

The fan who helps us get this video seen the most and generate the most Indi "Buzz" will win a Broncos helmet autographed by Terrell Davis himself!

Autographed Broncos Helmet

To participate, click the "Join Challenge" button, and you will see your channel icon image show up below in the challenge. Click on that image and you will see your "copy" of the TD salute video.

How do you generate Buzz?

First, share your copy of the TD salute video to this challenge using the share function to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. For Instagram, be sure to have the video on your phone (or download the clip when you click on the IG share button) and be sure to post the specific video tag shown when you click on the IG share button.

Second, Engage your personal network to view, share, like, follow, share, pin and re-tweet your version of the video each day on these social media sites. We track activity on this challenge page and activity on the social networks once the video is directly shared, which all generates Buzz. Do this as often as you can during this challenge to increase your Buzz score.

It's that easy, so join the challenge now and help us spread the TD salute!


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    First Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: Autographed Helmet
    Generate the most Indi "Buzz" and win a Terrell Davis autographed helmet!
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    Second Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: Bud Light mini fridge
    Generate the second most Indi "Buzz" and win a Bud Light mini fridge!
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    Third Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: $100 gift card
    Generate the third most Indi "Buzz" and win a $100 gift card to the Broncos online team store!


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