Face Red Rocks Choir Challenge
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All Colorado choirs (academic, church, amateur, or professional) are invited to compete for this exciting opportunity to join Face Vocal Band on the Red Rocks stage for two songs during their headline performance at RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATER on 8/6/17.

Choir directors should submit ONE video that best exemplifies musical excellence, passion, dedication, and spirit as achieved by an elite choir from their program. After submitting the video, organizations are encouraged to get their community/school/audience to ENGAGE with their video by going to indi.com/FaceVocalBand/FaceRRChoirChallenge, and generating Buzz Points by LIKING and SHARING!

1st Prize - The video submission with the most Buzz Points will get to join Face on stage at Red Rocks on 8/6/17!

Judges’ Choice - Depending on the number of singers, Face may select additional ensembles to join them on stage. Choirs with the most Buzz Points will be considered first!


By submitting a video, 1st Prize and Judges’ Choice selections are committing a majority of their choir to the 8/6 Red Rocks performance. Since this concert takes place during the summer, incoming and outgoing members of school ensembles (including 2017 graduated seniors) are invited to participate. Choirs should provide no more singers than the number represented in your video submission for the performance.

The submission does NOT have to be contemporary or a cappella music! Any choral selection showcasing the ensemble's strengths is appropriate.

Selected choirs will be given access to practice materials online (sheet music and audio practice tracks) by May 15. Singers are obligated to learn/memorize these two songs on their own time. Directors should schedule at least one rehearsal with their ensemble prior to the performance.

If participants of the selected choir are under 18 years old, singers must be chaperoned by adults at a ratio of 15:1 (or smaller based on your district policies)

Selected choirs will be given free seats for all performers, directors, and chaperones.

Selected choirs will be required to arrive at Red Rocks on the afternoon of 8/6/17 for a sound-check and stay through the duration of their participation (likely in the latter half of the Face concert).

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!!

Face Vocal Band




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