New morning routine
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Morning wake ups look a little different now...

I compiled some pretty interesting physiological data from pregnancy to postpartum —all tracked with my Masimo MightSat pulse oximeter. Immediately after birth my resting heart rate (RHR) dropped to 33—the lowest I had ever seen before pregnancy was 39 and throughout pregnancy my RHR slowly increased until the end when the low 50s was normal for me. The day before delivery my RHR was 48-the lowest it had been in months and my HRV was much higher than it had been in months! And a couple days postpartum, my RHR is now back down to 40 consistently (like it was on recovered days pre-pregnancy)! Which coincides with the study that showed the VO2 max increases postpartum in athletes who trained during pregnancy. My guess is that your body gets accustomed to breathing for two and once baby is born, mom retains this benefit! Score! The female body is so interesting and amazing. I don’t think I shared this before, but in a similar vein, rarely did I get sore from lifting throughout my pregnancy. And I believe this was because of the natural increase in growth hormone present during pregnancy. My trainer also thought some of my biomechanics improved during pregnancy, like my squat form for instance. I still have a long road in front of me to get back to the court, but I’m so motivated and excited and I have the best team around me to help guide my path!

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