Lithium-Ion Batteries for Forklifts
  • 0 - In the industrial field, we often spend days considering the proper choice for equipment. We’ll consider a forklift brand for weeks, or agonize over the choices of which scissor lift is going to bring the best value for the money we spend and the lowest total cost of ownership. However, sometimes we don’t consider the quality of the lithium-ion batteries we install into those machines. If the battery in your forklift or scissor lift isn’t a high-quality, lifetime lithium-ion power cell, you’re going to run into issues.

The traditional power cell involving lead-acid technology is not only dangerous but also a lot more maintenance is required. A lithium-ion battery will both last over 2X longer, and be much cheaper to maintain. An important consideration for the life of your forklift or lift truck is both the longevity of a power pack and its maintenance requirements. The material handling industry has seen a rise in recent damages and safety issues related to outdated lead-acid technology in power supplies and power cells.

OneCharge aims to reduce the number of power pack related accidents in the material handling industry by providing a safer, zero daily maintenance solution. OneCharge has almost six hundred lithium-ion battery models, from power packs used in lumber and steel mills to cold-storage power systems, and all the way back to power packs used in forklifts.