What is Indi?

Indi is a video social network where everyone - artists, brands, retailers, nonprofits, celebrities and individuals - can connect with fans and supporters to interact directly with your brand utilizing exclusive Video Challenges and Video Threads tailor made by you. Indi provides maximum interaction for your fans, which creates more entertainment and intensified brand loyalty. Indi gives everyone a chance to be seen, heard and discovered, not just the rich, powerful and connected!

What is Indi Buzz?

We've replaced single action "voting" for videos with "Indi Buzz," which is a more accurate way to acknowledge and reward the best video creators and content. The blue fire symbol (fire symbol) below each video or channel represents Buzz points. The videos with the most Indi Buzz points can win Challenges with Buzz based prizes and the most Buzz also helps capture the attention of our network of feature film casting directors, Grammy Award winning music producers and celebrity judges who are always looking for talent.

How Indi Buzz Works - Buzz reveals how much total interaction each video submission receives (on Indi and also in various social media platforms) in the form of "points," calculated using Indi's proprietary Buzz algorithms, which include the following variables:

  • Views: The number of times an Indi video is watched.
  • Likes ( ) : The number of likes an Indi video gets.
  • Follows ( ) :  The number of times an Indi video is followed.
  • Facebook Interaction: The number of shares, likes and comments that an Indi video gets after being shared from Indi.
  • Twitter Interaction: The number of tweets and retweets that an Indi video gets after being shared from Indi.
  • Pinterest Interaction: The number of pins and comments that an Indi video gets after being shared from Indi.
  • Instagram Interaction: The number of likes, comments and follows that an Indi video gets after being shared from Indi.
  • What Are the Symbols:

  • Blue Fire Symbol ( ) - The total points accumulated as a result of video Views and Likes on Indi, the number of shares, likes and comments that an Indi video gets on Facebook, and the number of tweets and retweets that an Indi video gets on Twitter.
  • Share Symbol ( ) - Click on the symbol to view options of where to share an Indi video (either Facebook or Twitter).
  • Like Symbol ( ) - Click on the heart symbol to "like" a video on Indi.
  • Follow Symbol ( ) - Click on the Follow symbol to follow the Artist or Channel on Indi.
  • How do you stand out on Indi? - You create the most engaging content and upload it to the appropriate Channel, Challenge, Album or Forum. The video with the most Indi Buzz will gravitate to the top.

    How do I receive more Indi Buzz? - Indi Buzz points are earned by posting videos to your own Indi Channel or any Challenge or Forum on the platform (by any individual/brand/retailer, artist, nonprofit), and then accumulating the most views, likes, follows, shares directly from your Indi video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, comments and shares thereafter on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and tweets & retweets thereafter on Twitter.

    Viewer FAQs

    How do viewers choose their favorite videos and vote for videos in challenges? - (ii) A viewer can View, Like or Follow videos on Indi, (ii) they can Share the video directly from the Indi platform into their own social network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, (iii) then they, and each individual in their social media network, can Like and Comment on the shared video on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and Tweet and Retweet the video on Twitter.

    Can I share these videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? - Yes! Simply choose the Share button and pick the social media site you would like to share on. Note that for Instagram the video to be shared needs to be on your phone, and so Indi provides the ability to download a 15 sec clip of the video to your phone so that you can share the video into Instagram along with a hashtag ID for you to include in your post so that Indi can locate the video and begin tracking Buzz associated with the sharing and subsequent interaction that video gets on Instagram. Note that even though Indi may not be currently integrated into other social media sites to calculate Buzz, you may still share videos into these sites and provide a backlink to the video on the Indi site, as viewing of the video on the Indi site does create additional Buzz.

    Content Creator FAQs

    Can I use a video that I've already posted to another site? - Yes.

    How long does it take for my video to be accepted? - Certain Channel owners may have a review and acceptance process prior to publishing the video that you have posted. Review times will vary depending on the Channel owner. For Indi owned Channels, we strive to review every video in 24 hours, but sometimes it may take us longer. Once your video is approved you will receive an acceptance email so you can rally your friends to View, Like, Follow and Share your Indi video link on Facebook and Twitter.

    What are some common reasons that entries will be rejected or removed? - The best videos are those that follow the Challenge directions closely. Always look at the submission guidelines before making your video. The Channel owner may reject or remove your video at their discretion, and some common reasons for rejection or removal are:

  • Copyright infringement - Don't use copyrighted work in your video. This includes playing music in the background or using somebody else's work that you don't have the rights to. The only exception to this rule is for a parody challenge or a cover song challenge where the channel owner has rights to run the challenge.
  • Challenge Instructions - Your video must meet the challenge instructions. If the video does not follow the challenge instructions, it may not be accepted or may be deleted.
  • Inappropriate material - All videos should be made for a PG or PG-13 audience. Please be mindful to limit any profanity, vulgarity, violence, nudity and/or sexual content accordingly. In addition, any content that violates the Indi Terms and Conditions may be rejected or removed.
  • What are some tips and tricks to making a great video? - Follow the Challenge Guidelines and have fun! Here are few more specifics:

  • Don't be afraid to show your personality and add a personal touch to your video.
  • Don't worry too much about video editing. While it won't hurt your chances to make a really professional video, we are looking for personalities that will shine through with little video editing.
  • Make sure you speak up so the audience can hear you clearly.
  • Record your video with your phone in a horizontal position for the best results. Take a look at this hilarious video about Vertical Video Syndrome.
  • For best results shoot your video in 780 or 1080 HD.
  • Overall if you have a talent or have something interesting to share on video, pick up your phone and give it a shot.
  • How do I upload a video? - Go to indi.com/challenges and click on the challenge that you want to enter. On the next page click on the blue "upload video" button and then browse your computer to upload your video.

    If there is monetary prize award for a Challenge, how do I get paid when I win? - The awarding of prizes for a Challenge is at the discretion of the Channel owner. If the Channel owner does award a prize, please review the details of the Challenge regarding the collection of your prize. For Indi owned Channels, winning entries will be paid via PayPal within 30 days of the voting close date.

    Does Indi own my video when it is uploaded? - No, unless under a specific Indi Challenge the rules state otherwise, Indi has only a license to use your video. Please carefully review the Challenge rules for details prior to entering a Challenge.

    Does a Channel owner own my video when it is uploaded? - No, unless under a specific Challenge their rules state otherwise, a non-Indi Channel owner has only a license to use your video on the Indi platform. Please carefully review the Challenge rules for details prior to entering a Challenge.

    Can I enter multiple challenges at once? - Yes, you can participate in as many challenges as you like. Submit your video and then share the URL (link) to each of your Indi video submissions across social media. Remember - the best way to win is to get more Buzz points through views, likes and follows on Indi, through Facebook likes, shares and comments, and through tweets & retweets on Twitter.

    How long should my video be? - Each challenge has different length requirements that are given in the Challenge Guidelines. Make sure your video meets the length requirements or it will not be accepted into the challenge.

    What are Submission Deadlines for Challenges - Judging and Buzz start the moment the Challenge is posted, so submit your video as early as you can. You definitely want the most exposure possible! (Sadly, entries after the Challenge Deadline won't be eligible to win that particular Challenge.)


    Respected feature film Casting Directors, Agents, and Producers visit Indi.com all the time when they're looking to discover some fresh talent. Artists have benefited from life-changing opportunities as a direct result of submitting videos to Indi Challenges. They've booked jobs as a result of winning an Indi Challenge or having been chosen as a Judges Pick, and have been signed by influential entertainment industry professionals.

    C. Ashely Caldwell (Indi.com/ashinhollywood) sent her winning Judges Pick video - and was immediately signed by William Morris Entertainment - upon entering an Indi Acting Challenge judged by Hollywood casting professional Helen Geier (Dexter, Rock of Ages, Once Upon a Time, etc).

    Indi Artist Pip (Indi.com/pip) entered an Indi Cover Song Challenge, through which he was discovered by Indi VP of Talent, whose legacy career includes launching acts such as LMFAO and managing artists like Fifth Harmony. He was previously on Adam Levine's team on The Voice. Pip received $50,000 in cash and production, promotion and marketing support from Indi for his latest EP and his hit video for Trash Talk - featured on MTV, MTVu and VH1.

    Rapper Seuss won an Indi Rap Challenge, after which he opened for Bones, Thugs and Harmony and was awarded $30,000 in cash and production, promotion and marketing support by Indi.