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Hi guys. Im Justice Howard, the "Wild child of Indi.com" and welcome to my world. I am an Internationally renowned icon & fashion photographer whose work is showcased in Museums, galleries and hardcover books, as well as the Lord Balfour Hotel in Miami Beach where my art graces all 64 rooms with 30 foot wall murals.I have documented thousands of celebs & musicians such as MARILYN MANSON, BILLY IDOL, DAVE NAVARRO, MICKEY ROURKE, BLACK VEIL BRIDES, WAYLON JENNINGS, DICK DALE, PENN & TELLER, MARGARET CHO, JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS, SIEGFRIED & ROY, SLIM JIM PHANTOM,...ad infinitum. In my world, absolutely nothing is black and white. My fine art photo imagery is as highly saturated as slut pink bubblegum cotton candy from a dark and dangerous carnival. I hope you all take a look at my "SEXY SCARY CHALLENGE" that I designed especially for Halloween. Theres a link here where you can go to get my 5 pound Beast of a Bookon Amazon. Also, here are some quotes from friends of mine about my work that will give you some insight to what it is I do.

MY BOOK ON AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Revelations-Photography-Justice-Howard/dp/0764347985

"I have been in the room with Justice when she is taking pictures and somehow the pictures are always more beautiful, shocking and thought provoking than what she was shooting. That's magic right?" ....PENN JILLETTE

"Just being in Justice's presence makes me want to don a bustier and net stockings." ....TELLER

"She is a celebrant of all that is best in the art life of our culture." ...CLIVE BARKER

"Justice Howard photographs sizzle with danger, subversion and anarchy. Each one teases you like a movie poster for a freaky underground film you heard existed but were afraid to watch." ....ADAM RIFKIN

"The best photographer who ever pointed a lens at me."....WAYLON JENNINGS

"Dangerous like a whirlwind of razor blades and seductive as candy coated opium. Alpha-femme Photographer Justice Howard ain't for sissies."....AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAGAZINE

"When you want the best, go to the best." ....DICK DALE


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