Easy as Pi with Karina Grover@karinagrover
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My mission is to help instill in younger students the love of math, numbers and memorization. I was inspired by my ability to memorize 4100 digits of pi and accomplish something that at first seemed impossible. I would like to show other students that with hard work and focus they will be able to do the impossible too.

If you are interested in flexing your brains' memory muscles and learning digits of pi...please click this link and download the free app that I created with my father when I was in fourth grade...LEARN PI BY KARINA. We developed this app with the pattern methodology that I used to memorize 4100 digits of pi. Everyone at my grade school has access to this app and uses it in preparation to celebrate on March 14th of each year.. Even my younger twin brothers have used it. They were able to memorize 410 digits of pi in first grade!


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