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Bringing Peace Through Laughter and Smiles!

Opening its doors in 1979, the World Famous Laugh Factory has been recognized as the #1 comedy brand in the world.

Laugh Factory is a worldwide leader in comedy content and has helped launch the careers of many well known comedians. It has the largest High-Definition library of stand-up comedy videos, is involved with many stand-up tours and festivals, TV and film, live entertainment, and web based digital media. Laugh Factory is famous for its innovation on delivering comedy to the public such as: in 1983 it launched the first national comedy magazine entirely written and edited by comedians, in 1986 it launched the first comedy awards show honoring the best comedians of the year and began calling comedians doctors of the soul, and most recently, Laugh Factory launched the Funniest Person in the World Competition, an event to create world peace through laughter. This biennial event is currently in progress with 56 countries participating.


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