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Create, Share & Earn $30 on Every MightySat Sold!

Thank you for being a Masimo Personal Health Brand Ambassador.

That's right, we are now offering a $30 commission to our valued athlete Ambassadors on every MightySat sold from your content and influence.

We are excited to have you on the team of Ambassadors and to see the great content you'll create. We are looking for videos and photos about our MightySat by Masimo Personal Health. Need content ideas? We want to see you create MightySat product reviews, tell the story how Masimo Personal Health changed your athletic lifestyle and improved performance, record any tutorials showing how you set up and use your MightySat, record yourself with our MightySat product in action, any creative takes, etc, we want to see it all!

As a Brand Ambassador you receive a special commission rate of $30 on every MightySat sold through your posts and may even have your content with your product links featured in Masimo Personal Health's social media posts.

Follow 3 Simple Steps

  • 1. Upload photo or video above.

  • 2. Add product to your submission.

  • 3. Share Share into Social with tracking link.

Thank you for joining the Masimo Personal Health team of Brand Ambassadors.

Your participation in the Masimo Personal Health Brand Ambassador program is subject to your continual compliance with the policies, terms and conditions attached below. Please be sure to follow the FTC guidelines below, when posting any commissionable links.

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