Michelle Gillette - Michelle Gillette Coaching@michellegillette
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Certified Life Coach/ 4x Certified Brain Health Coach (UCLA Semel Institue of Neuroscience & Human Behavior) / Functional Medicine Coach/ Dating Coach/ Executive & Corporate Wellness Coach/ TV host @ FocusTV / Writer @ Focus Magazine/ & a Lifestyle model, sharing tips for feeling/looking great at mid life & every age!

Sr. Exec turned mom, then life & wellness coach, TV Host and eventually, 40+ model

I love to share life & wellness hacks, brain health tips, dating advice, fashion & beauty tips, mind-shifts, book reviews, product reviews and any inspiring info that helps people live healthier, more vibrant, more engaged lives!

Healthy foodie, with a passion for Functional Medicine, reinvention & reinvigoration!

Based in Southern California


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