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Ever wanted to sing the national anthem in front of thousands of passionate tennis fans? Now's your chance! Submit a video of yourself performing "The Star-Spangled Banner" and you could be selected to perform at a OC Breakers home match at Palisades Tennis Club on July 31st, 2017!

Submit your video here by July 17th at the end of the day. Judges pick receives the privelege of performing at a professional tennis match and 4 free tickets to the match.

The second aspect of this challenge is Buzz. To generate Buzz share the photo to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and then also get all your friends and family to come to this challenge page and share your performance into their social media as well. Also, engage your personal network to view, share, like, follow, pin and re-tweet each day on these social media sites. We track activity on this challenge page and activity on the social networks once the photo is directly shared, which all generates Buzz.

The entry that receives the most Buzz will win an autographed tennis ball from the entire Breakers team and two free tickets to the July 31st match! Have fun and good luck!


  • JP

    Judges' Pick

    Prize: Singing National Anthem
    The Judges' Pick will have the privilege of performing the National Anthem at the Orange County Breakers home tennis match on July 31st at P ... [more]
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    Buzz Winner

    Prize: Autographed Tennis Ball
    The person with the most Buzz will receive an autographed tennis ball from the Orange County Breakers Team and two free tickets to the July ... [more]


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