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Call to Action - What do YOU Stand Up For?
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Click HERE to get inspired by the Oscar Nominated Original Song STAND UP FOR SOMETHING, from the celebrated feature film Marshall, written by nine time Oscar Nominated Songwriter Diane Warren & Common, performed by Grammy Nominated R&B Artist Andra Day & Common.

Yes, words can and do inspire - but it's STANDING UP and taking ACTION that can change the world! Please STAND UP and join us - and let us STAND UP and join YOU! Together we can inspire others with our ACTIONS and spread the word that the time to STAND UP for our beliefs is NOW!

  1. Make YOUR powerful message heard and submit a short video or photo showing/telling us what YOU Stand Up for and challenge your friends to do the same!

    It can be as simple as you holding up a sign that says "I Stand Up for ______! What do YOU Stand Up For" .....a photo/video of you volunteering.....a photo/video of you telling us about how you're standing up and taking action.....a screenshot of you registering to vote or signing a petition... all the way to creating a piece of art (original song, painting, dance, poem, etc) that inspires the world.

    You can also feel free to completely reimagine our song if you like!
    (click HERE for a downloadable version with the lyrics, HERE for an instrumental version, and HERE for the sheet music)

  2. Upload your video/photo to this Call to Action page. You will receive an email from Indi when your video/photo has been approved for posting, which could take up to 24 hours.

  3. Share your creation all over Social Media from INDI so that we can track it's journey, inspiring and challenging others to share with the world what THEY STAND UP FOR! Every engagement your video/photo gets creates Buzz Points for your submission.

         • Share Share from this page into Social ; and

         • Have your friends watch, like Like & share your video/photo on Indi & social media!

The Buzz Winner (creator of the Submission with the most buzz) & the Judge's Pick will each get personalized signed Stand Up for Something sheet music AND will get to meet me to talk about what you stand up for - who knows, your story could inspire my next Oscar Nominated Song!

Favorites will be posted on our Social Media AND their creators will be sent personalized signed copies of the sheet music!

So submit now - we can not wait to be inspired by you!

****If you do not feel like creating something, you can still join us and STAND UP FOR SOMETHING by clicking HERE to Register to Vote, Clicking HERE to create/sign a petition, or donating to the cause of your choice. (click HERE to see some of the causes we personally endorse).

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. STAND UP FOR SOMETHING. We sincerely thank you for helping make the world a better place!

Love, Diane and Andra

Click HERE to see what Diane Warren is STANDING UP for.

Click HERE to see what Andra Day is STANDING UP for.


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    Will get a personalized sign copy of Stand Up for Something Sheet Music AND will get to meet Diane Warren to talk about what they stand up f ... [more]
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