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Hi! I'm Rockstar Sissy aka Catherine Taormina. Thank you for this contest site as I love contests! I am a full time performer and content creator. I produce shorts and have won a number of creative contests including episode 605 of Flea Market Flip currently airing on GAC & HGTV. This December you may see me in an Amazon Prime show and this coming April I will be filming a part in the feature Tarab! I played a young Olympia Dukakis in the Paul Reiser movie “The Thing About My Folks” and I also was a finalist with the Fly International Film Festival's tentsqaure film challenge 1 minute film on dreams where my film Nebular Dubiety recently screened at the fest in Enid, Oklahoma. I am the proud producer of my downloadable feature film “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare where I also directed, acted in, composed music for the film, designed and made most of all of the costumes and also edited the film! For the Rockstar Sissy side of me, I am a singer-songwriter-guitarist musician! I perform original and cover pop rock funk punk tunes! For more info, visit my website for links to all!


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