The Code Challenge
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To create a positive wave of Goodwill across South Africa, Shaun Tomson is on a mission to inspire students through The Code Challenge. Shaun is challenging students to create their personal Code to help activate internal commitment for a positive future through the power of – “I WILL…”

What is The Code?

The Code is a simple 30-minute exercise. Write 12 lines, every line beginning with “I will”. 12 promises to yourself, promises that will be kept. Think of your future as being unwritten and now you are writing it. There are no rules, no prescriptions, no right answer or wrong answer. If you like what you have written and have a friend who needs inspiration, share it - if you really feel it, share it with the world.

When you think, and write down your promises they develop great power - our thoughts are transformed from imagination to reality as letters, words and sentences - they are legible, tangible and actionable. Values and goals come to life as promises, as a series of commitments, that form a powerful and personal code for today and tomorrow.

THE CHALLENGE: Students must produce a short video reading their Code OR upload a photo image of their code. Once uploaded share your code on social media (lnstagram, Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) from lndi, this generates lndi Buzz for your photos and videos and helps your code stand out!

At the end of the challenge, Shaun will award prizes for activity - the top three Buzz winning videos/photos - and the other for creativity - the Judge's pick. Both the Judge's pick and 1st place Buzz winner receive personal prizes from Shaun.

Can't wait to see your Codes!

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    Judge's Pick

    Prize: Meet Shaun
    The judge's pick gets to surf with Shaun and wins a signed copy of The Code!
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    Second Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: Signed Swag
    Finish in second place and win a signed copy of "The Code" and a Shaun Tomson poster!
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    Third Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: Signed Swag
    Finish in third place and win a signed copy of the "The Code" and Shaun Tomson poster!
  • 1

    First Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: Meet Shaun
    Generate the most Buzz and win a meeting with Shaun and a signed book!


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