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Thank you so much for helping memorialize the March For Our Lives movement - your actions are already bringing about change!

Please STAND UP and join us - and let us STAND UP and join YOU! Together we can inspire others with our actions & spread the word that the time to STAND UP for our beliefs is NOW!

  1. Please create photos and videos from marches, demonstrations, meetings, and gatherings that you attend for our cause.

    You can also create videos telling us your views - and even suggestions - on this very important videos/photos that honor victims of gun violence...videos/photos of marches, rallies, and gatherings you've been to for this cause...clips of the messages of your favorite speakers/ can even be as simple as you holding up a sign that says "I Stand Up for SAFE SCHOOLS! What do YOU Stand Up For?"

  2. After your videos/photos are uploaded to this page, you will receive an email when they have been approved for posting.

  3. Share your creation all over Social Media from here so that we can track it's journey, inspiring & challenging others!

So submit now! Be the change that you wish to see in the world! We can not wait to be inspired by you!

Sincerely, The March for Our Lives Team, Diane Warren, and Andra Day

Click HERE to get inspired by the Oscar Nominated Original Song that is our CALL TO ACTION - STAND UP FOR SOMETHING, written by nine time Oscar Nominated Songwriter Diane Warren & Common, performed by Grammy Nominated R&B Artist Andra Day & Common.


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