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The Ambassador Program has now finished. Any sales generated after 1pm PST on 8/29/18 will not count towards your rewards total.

Start Earning!

Sign up today and start earning rewards each time someone in your crew purchases a ticket to Tailgate Fest!

Sell 3 tickets: Receive a General Admission ticket!

Sell 5 tickets: Receive a Meet & Greet with any performer except Toby Keith.

Sell 8 tickets: Receive a Meet & Greet with Toby Keith.

Sell 10 tickets: Receive an additional General Admission ticket for a friend.

Sell 15 tickets: Receive an additional Meet & Greet for you or a friend.

Sell 30 tickets: Upgrade your General Admission ticket to VIP.

Sell 50 tickets: Upgrade a friend's ticket to VIP.

Sell 100 tickets: Upgrade your ticket to pool & pit.

Let's Get Started!

Follow these 3 easy steps to start earning rewards today!

1. Submit

Download the photo below and then upload it to this page by clicking on the "Submit Your Photo" button.

2. Post

Click Yes to add products immediately following your upload and then select the Toby Keith product. Copy your unique link and share on social media.

3. Earn

Get your friends to buy their Tailgate Fest tickets using your unique link – then start earning rewards immediately!

To download, right-click the image and Save As. (For Mobile: Hold down image and download to phone)

Your participation in the LA Tailgate Fest Ambassador program is subject to your continual compliance with the policies, terms and conditions attached below. Please be sure to follow the FTC guidelines below, when posting any commissionable links.

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