The Wonder of Water Photography Challenge
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The focus of this year’s Challenge is “The Wonder of Water.” We are asking UCI students to capture, through a photographic image, one of the myriad ways that water shapes our world and influences human life. Example images can be seen in the Introductory Video. Take your photograph and record a brief video (1-2 minutes) explaining why you chose this image. Three Buzz Winners ($300, $200, $100) will be selected by student vote. How to take the picture: DSLRs, cell phones, 38mm, anything that can take a photo.

After submitting your video, please register for the contest by filling out this form.

How to create the video: Use any video-editing program, Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, etc. Who can enter: All registered UCI undergraduates are eligible to apply.


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    First Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: $300
    Generate the most Buzz to win $300!
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    Second Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: $200
    Come in second to win $200!
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    Third Place Buzz Winner

    Prize: $100
    Come in third to win $100!


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