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The ASUCI 60 by 16 Commission serves as ASUCI’s Official Voter Registration Campaign. Beginning in 2014, the 60 by 16 commission aims to get 60% of the student body registered to vote by the 2016 national election in November. We are a nonpartisan voter registration campaign and focus our events on promoting voter education and engagement.

In order to meet this goal, we actively register students to vote by setting up booths on campus, reaching out to students through classrooms, and hosting various events through the year. Our events include keynote speeches and forums by elected officials, community leaders, and candidates for political office, Voter Registration Carnivals for National Voter Registration Day, Educational Forums, Presidential Debate Screenings, as well as hosting our annual Campus Debate Series, which began in 2016. Our mission is to empower students to vote, because every vote matters.

To learn more about ASUCI, go to: www.asuci.uci.edu. For more information about the campaign, email president@asuci.uci.edu. Register to vote online at www.castudentvote.org or if you'd like to register solely through text, just text the number "384-387” with the text “krcla."


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