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Women Network is a digital platform created by women, for women, about women, and covering the Five To Thrive (career, community, social, physical and financial). We’ve made things easy for you to find, share and create. Come here to find experts in areas as diverse as business to breastfeeding, Masterminds to meditation and coffee to community.

WomenNetwork.com is a natural spinoff that continues the important conversations that happen at California Women’s Conference. One of the world’s largest women’s events, Michelle Patterson has empowered and facilitated Women’s Conferences all over the United States. The international conference is not far behind.

Michelle Patterson is the CEO of Women Network, but more than that, Women Network is her passion. A recognized expert in growth acceleration, Michelle has been featured on CNBC, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Fox Business and over a dozen television stations in California where she lives and thrives with her family.


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