Imagine the Possibilities: XPRIZE Bucket List Challenge
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How would your bucket list change, if you knew you'd be in perfect health at 120 years old?

Record and submit a video (5 minutes max) explaining your answer. Get creative! Write a song, perform a dance routine, recite poetry, or even do a skit with your friends and family. Imagine all the amazing things you could accomplish and experience by living longer and healthier!

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of XPRIZE experts and judged on creativity and originality. The Judge’s Pick will win $5,000! And make sure you share your entry on your social media handles every day to get “Buzz Points” because the submission with the most Buzz Points will win $2,500!


How do you generate Buzz for your entry?

1. Upload a great photo or video.

2. Once approved, share Share into FB IG TW PIN YT SNAP ; and

3. Have your friends view, like Like and share your entry on social media!


  • JP

    Judge's Pick

    Prize: $5,000
    The very best entry will be selected by an XPRIZE expert and awarded the Judge's Pick prize of $5,000
  • 1

    First Place Buzz

    Prize: $2,500
    The entry which has received the most Buzz Points at the moment the challenge ends will be awarded the First Place Buzz prize of $2,500


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