Imagine the Possibilities: XPRIZE Bucket List Challenge
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For much of the last century, Earth's population experienced tremendous increases in life expectancy. XPRIZE is studying the future of longevity to discover innovative and accessible ways to radically extend everyone's healthy lifespan. As part of this initiative, we want to hear from you!

Record a video (5 minutes max) or create an image that answers the question: How would your bucket list change, if you knew you'd be in perfect health at 120 years old?! Then share your entry on your social media handles every day to get buzz points. Submissions will be reviewed by an XPRIZE expert, and the very best Judge's Pick will win $5,000! Additionally, the submission that receives the most "Buzz Points" will win $2,500!

How do you generate Buzz for your entry?

1. Upload a great photo or video.

2. Once approved, share Share into FB IG TW PIN YT SNAP ; and

3. Have your friends view, like Like and share your entry on social media!


  • JP

    Judge's Pick

    Prize: $5,000
    The very best entry will be selected by an XPRIZE expert and awarded the Judge's Pick prize of $5,000
  • 1

    First Place Buzz

    Prize: $2,500
    The entry which has received the most Buzz Points at the moment the challenge ends will be awarded the First Place Buzz prize of $2,500


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