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We invite you to join us as we highlight our OVPTL employees for the above and beyond work that they do, which not everyone might see.

Here is how it works.

First, keep an eye out for actions that catch your attention which relate to OVPTL strategic goals like:

  1. Providing opportunities for undergraduates
  2. Evidence-based practices that improve student success and learning
  3. Fostering educational success
  4. Increasing the visibility of the OVPTL
  5. Transforming the Campuswide Honors Program

Also take note of what OVPTL core values that ZOT! Moment embodied. Were there elements of Inclusive Excellence, Respect, Student-Focused, Enthusiasm, and/or Teamwork?

Just film a highlight of the moment itself and make a brief commentary on what happened. If you miss the moment, then film a short video sharing who was involved, along with the OVPTL goals and values that were showcased in the ZOT! Moment.

No need for fancy editing, either have a colleague film you, or do it selfie style!

Then upload your video!

Why should you make a video? Think of it as a public thank you card to staff who are going above and beyond the call of duty in supporting our collective OVPTL vision.

Once your video is uploaded and approved, you will be notified and then it is time to share the video on social media!

Thanks a ZOT, and keep your eyes out for those ZOT! Moments!

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